About Us

A Brilliant Disguise is an independent fashion retail shop that began life 13 years ago, and it quickly became a much-loved part of the retail community on Stroud High Street, in Gloucestershire.

When the original owners, Simon and Jane, decided to retire in January 2020 we decided to reopen this popular store with a strong focus on independence, sustainability and excellent customer care.

With so many lovely, loyal customers we knew it would be a shame to lose such a great shop on the High Street. Plus, having already been involved as a staff member for some years, along with a long history in retail, I was confident we could provide a great service and offer the kind of style choices that help make our customers feel great.

Starting your own business is a big leap, and when my husband Tom and I created Readison Limited in November 2019 we chose to keep the original name of A Brilliant Disguise, staying connected to the shop’s roots and keeping Simon and Jane’s legacy going.

Having spent the winter months curating the collection and renovating the interior, we planned a launch night in March 2020, but then the impact of COVID-19 meant all our priorities changed. We put our staff and customers safety first and postponed the opening. Then we all saw the entire High Street close, as we all worked together to combat the spread of this virus. 

Since the lockdowns were lifted, our High Street store has remained open and we have been able to safely welcome back our lovely customers, as well as say hi to new ones. We hope this will remain true for years to come. We worked hard to create a website so that all our lovely customers and followers can still shop with us online as well. We value your support and your feedback.

We hope you enjoy our online shop and maybe one day see you instore, if you are ever visiting Stroud. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and social antics.

Kayleigh and Tom x


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a_brilliant_disguise/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abrilliantdisguise